Elena Hagen BEcon LLB MBA


Elena Hagen was born in 1975 in Russia, British citizen since 2010.

She successfully completed her four years study in The Institute of Modern Knowledge in Minsk, Belarus and was graduated as a Bachelor of Economics in 1996.

Elena then studied law at the International Institute of Economics and Law in Moscow, Russia, which was completed in 2000 with the graduation as a Bachelor of Law.

During all her studies she worked from 1996 until 2003 in an international furniture company in various positions and in various departments to put her theoretical knowledge to practice.

In 2003 Elena Hagen moved to England. She joined a corporate and trust services company as a Head of the business development team. Within a short period of time she was appointed as Director of Corporate division of that company.

In July 2010 she finished as a Master of Business Administration in Global Management London School of Business and Finance, London.

Elena Hagen joined the Jeeves Group in 2010, is a director of a Jeeves Group subsidiary PRESTIGE Trust, responsible for the Russian and Eastern Europe market and specializing in the area of worldwide corporate services and international tax and succession planning.

Elena is married with one daughter. She enjoys hunting and target shooting and is resident in Switzerland.