Adolf Seger


Born 15 June 1965, Liechtenstein citizen.

Adolf Seger joined the Jeeves Group during 1999 and is a member of the Group Management Committee, responsible for the Accounts Department.

Adolf Seger, received his primary and secondary education in Liechtenstein. He successfully completed his 3 year commercial qualification with a Trust Company in Liechtenstein, in 1984.
After studying for 6 months in the USA, passing the "Test of English as a Foreign Language - T.O.E.F.L." he returned to Liechtenstein and worked for several well-known Trust companies in Liechtenstein as an accountant.

In 1989 he changed specialisation and employer, in order to gain experience in the administration and taxation of commercial domestic Liechtenstein companies.

In 2001 he attended the "Liechtensteine Fachhochschule" (Liechtenstein Technical College) in order to study Liechtenstein Trust matters, in particular Taxation, New Accounting Principles (EWR/EU-Harmonisation), Finance Controlling and International Accounting Standards. During April 2008 he completed a 2 year post graduate course at the Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences in order to study in connection with the Liechtenstein Trust business, legal doctrine, taxes, managerial economics, wealth management, as well as the new EU company form. He successfully concluded this achieving his Diploma as Liechtenstein Trust Expert. During Autumn 2008 Adolf Seger passed the examination as a duly admitted Liechtenstein Fiduciary.

Mr. Seger is married with two sons and is resident in Vaduz.

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