Camille H. Crichton

Director St. Vincent


Camille Crichton was born in 1960 and received her primary and secondary education in St. Vincent. Further education involved studies at the University of West Indies, University of Cambridge and Farmington University, USA.

Her business career in professional consultancy includes advising in various capacities the Commonwealth Secretariat, the OECS coordination meeting facilities and the OECS Environment Policy Committee, the Caribbean Community for sustainable management energy resources, as well as various consultancies in connection with the SVG Government. She is also Managing Director her own consultancy company and FS Management Services. She is also involved in voluntary organisations and has been the Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of Netherlands since 2003.

Ms. Crichton joined the board of St. Vincent Trust Company Ltd in 2013 and is also on the boards of that company’s subsidiaries. Ms. Crichton is a valuable addition to the organisation and contributes to the Group’s expansion in Kingstown with her wide experience.


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