Dr. Daniel Pircher

Director Group Legal Services

Dr. Daniel Pircher was born in Feldkirch (Austria). After Primary and Secondary School in Feldkirch he attended the Federal Commercial Academy (Bundeshandelsakademie), also in Feldkirch, which he completed with Matriculation (Reifeprüfung) in June 1994. Subsequently he studied law at the University of Innsbruck which he successfully completed in June 1998 with the graduation as a Master in Law (Magister der Rechtswissenschaften). At the same time he completed parts of the Diploma Study in Business Administration.

In autumn 1998, simultaneously with the start of his Court Internship in the parish of the Upper Provincial Court in Innsbruck, during which he was deployed at the Provincial and the District Court of Innsbruck, he began his Doctorate Study of Jurisprudence in Innsbruck. After approbation of his Thesis and completion of the viva voce he was conferred a Doctorate in Law in March 2000.

During his Doctorate Study, he started working in January 2000 as a Trainee Attorneyat-Law for a Law Firm in Feldkirch. From June 2003 until the end of July 2007, he was employed as lawyer in the trust and fiduciary business with a group of Liechtenstein Trust companies.

Since August 2007 Dr. Daniel Pircher is working at the headquarters of the Jeeves Group in Schaan. The main duties he undertakes are managing legal consultation and complex considerations for clients, comprehensive support service in all areas of trust and fiduciary business and managing and handling of internal legal affairs of the group. He is a member of the Group Management Board.

From October 2007 until April 2009 Dr. Daniel Pircher completed an extra-occupational post gradual study programme in “Wealth Law” at the Private University in Liechtenstein in Triesen, Liechtenstein, where he graduated as an executive Master of Laws (LL. M.). His master thesis dealt with “The Ordinary Membership in a Company Limited by Guarantee and Having Share Capital as asset of a Liechtenstein Foundation”.

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