Melonie Tan

Melonie Tan

Director, Jeeves Group (China) Limited

Melonie Tan is a Chinese-born Netherlands citizen, born in Guangzhou in 1970. She lived and worked in the Netherlands during the period from 1994 to 2009.

She graduated from the University of Guangzhou in 1992. She then completed her postgraduate studies both in the Netherlands and UK in the period from 1994 to 1999, majoring in international management and business administration. After graduating in the UK (University of Plymouth: MBA) she returned to work in the Netherlands and started her professional career as an ALM analyst at ING Group. She went on to further her career at ABN AMRO Bank as a risk management professional, advising other banks for Basel II implementation.

Starting in 2006, she took up the role of handling links at high Ievel between the Chinese government and senior relationship management at ABN AMRO Bank, commuting between Amsterdam and Beijing. Ever since then, she has been active in senior relationship management and marketing roles for various Dutch financial Institutions dealing and specializing in issues ranging from Basel II, private banking, SME banking and securitization to Global M&A, pre-IPO advisor and transaction-origination.

She moved back to China in late 2009 to set up her own financial advisory company introducing various advanced Western financial methodology and technology to the Chinese banking system. With assistance from IFC and Peoples Bank of China in 2010, she successfully marketed a G20-supported award-winning cloud Solution (in the category SME Finance Challenge) for account receivables financing in China.

ln recent years she has successfully Iead and implemented the "Holland Flowers Kingdom Project in Guangzhou, collaborating with one of the most influential families in Hong Kong, the Fok Ying Tung Group. This Project aims not only to promote trade between the Netherlands and China, it also presents itself as a significant cultural exchange platform between the two countries.

ln mid-2015 upon completion of the above Project she joined Jeeves Group with a view to using her unique knowledge of working  financial relationships between European and Chinese Institutions and individuals to develop the Chinese market for the Jeeves Group in serving the needs of wealthy Chinese families and business concerns.

She has two sons and resides in Guangzhou.