Terry Moore

Director Jeeves Group

Terry Moore is a British citizen and after schooling in the UK qualified as a P.E. Teacher. After further education he decided to move into the field of insurance and from 1985 – 1992 established and ran a successful business (Westminster International) in Muscat, Oman selling financial investments to British expatriates. After a return to the UK for family reasons he was recruited to set up and establish a business selling pension funds to high net worth individuals. From 1992 – 1996 he organized seminars throughout the UK to groups of 50 – 100 potential clients.

From 1996 – 1997 he was employed by an International firm of Financial Advisors to establish their business expansion in Oman and as Regional Manager was responsible not only for the acquisitions but also for recruiting staff from the UK, generating a data base and dealing with the Government authorities in relation to visas, licenses etc.

After successful completion of this contract Terry Moore returned to England where he utilised his business acumen and experience to provide expert advice on all facets of insurance investments generally and in particular pension funds and annuities. In a joint cooperation with the Jeeves Group he spent several years developing an insurance product that could be sold via an EEA insurance company to UK pension holders. Together with leading experts in London this phase was successfully completed and Terry Moore has now taken up full time employment with the Jeeves Group, basing himself in Liechtenstein to move further in the insurance product field. Further development with the EEA base within the EU with further products is planned and will also extend to British expatriates worldwide.

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