Offshore Sector

St. Kitts is a relatively new player in the offshore world and has been delisted from the FATFs' black list in June 2002. Towards the end of 2003 the government introduced an exciting new private Foundations Act 2003 that abolishes several requirements found in other jurisdictions. We are convinced that St. Kitts will be successful in attracting new business interest. Unlike many other offshore jurisdictions in the region it offers exempt companies instead of International Business Companies (IBC's) with a very competitive cost structure. Limited partnerships are also a fairly uncommon vehicle for the region. St. Kitts offers exempt (unit) trusts and has recently started various amendments and additions to its existing laws: Companies limited by guarantee having share capital are allowed and foundations are being introduced with very favorable terms. All in all St. Kitts is not the typical Caribbean offshore jurisdiction but offers special and sometimes even uncommon vehicles to the international financial sector which make St. Kitts an interesting and competitive niche player.