Bookkeeping / Accounting

In many jurisdictions it is necessary to file annual accounts for commercially active companies. Our accounting department makes sure that these requirements are met and our clients always know what the current situation of their company is. Also it is often necessary or desirable to have accounts for other reasons: Settlors and/or beneficiaries have a right to know what the trust fund's situation is and often details of the trust fund's annual performance are required for tax returns. But we not only offer these services to our offshore clients. We have also started offering bookkeeping and related services such as wages & salaries computation services and tax return services to our local clients in Liechtenstein. Typical clients are small and medium-sized companies who wish to concentrate on their core activities and want to outsource the bookkeeping and tax return to us. This minimises overhead of those companies and avoids heavy investments into know-how/human resources and software systems.