Although we have our own trust company licenses in Liechtenstein, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and St. Kitts and an office in Hong Kong and Singapore we also manage offshore and onshore entities from all over the world depending on the requirements of the individual client.

We have a vast experience in managing commercial activities of (offshore) companies such as reinvoicing, buying and selling products etc. Our accounting department makes sure that a financial overview can be obtained at all times.

In other cases companies or other entities act as mere holding entities of other underlying entities managed by ourselves or elsewhere. We would point out that we also offer so called Hybrid Companies which offer unique features to clients. LLC's are also a commonly used type of company which one can find in St. Vincent, Nevis and some other jurisdictions.

If there is a requirement to use double-tax treaties we cooperate with associates we have in other jurisdictions in order to obtain legal advise where necessary.

Another area that has grown substantially in the last few years is the Trust business where we act as Trustees of family trusts. Connected to the Trustee services are Protector services which we also offer clients worldwide. However, in cases where we already act as Trustees we would use professional Protector services of a third party.

In many jurisdictions it is a requirement for companies to submit annual (audited) accounts. Our qualified accountants department makes sure that the accounts are being kept according to the law and the company is complying with necessary regulations.

Sometimes clients require legal opinions and complex contracts to conduct their business and personal affairs. Inhouse and associated external lawyers will apply their knowledge in this field for the benefit of our clients.

An increasing number of clients are beginning to structure their investments with the help of Mutual Funds. We have our own fully licensed Mutual Funds Manager & Administrator company in St. Vincent in order to form open-ended Mutual Funds in St. Vincent. However, we can also be of assistance should a client require a Fund in Liechtenstein or St. Lucia which has a very favourable legislation for so-called Professional Funds.

Whereas we do not manage our clients' assets when we act as directors or Trustees we have very good contacts and a good overview on services offered by third parties. As an independent advisor we can offer our help in identifying the best partner for our clients, in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and other countries. For the demanding client we offer Family Office services in co-operation with OLZ & Partners. Our Family Office can offer unique features and cost advantages while supplying a highly professional service at all times.

In the recent two years the offshore world has undergone comprehensive changes and structures and processes that were appropriate then are not necessarily longer appropriate now. We therefore offer a "compliance check" service where clients explain to us their existing structure and we give our opinion on what might be worth changing in order to preserve the purpose of the set-up.

Liechtenstein (Lexadmin Trust reg.)
Singapore (Jeeves Trustees Pte. Ltd)
St. Vincent (St. Vincent Trust Company Ltd.)
St. Lucia (Selbourne Trust Company Ltd.)
St. Kitts (Pelican Trust Company Ltd.)
Hong Kong (Jeeves Group (Asia) Ltd.)